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FAQs: Prices, timings, about the Doctor, services, tests, treatments, medication, Insurance, clinic location, and history

The Singhania Clinic is moving from the Dubai Health Care City.

It is also adding services and will be renamed to the Singhania Clinic & Therapy Center, at #2902 One Lake Plaza, Cluster T, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai.

While it is being refurbished, Dr. Rajeshree Singhania will be available in the Mediclinic City Hospital in Dubai Health Care City.

To meet Dr. Singhania call the Mediclinic City Hospital Appointments Desk at +971 4 435 9999 [CTA]

In the meanwhile here are answers to the top 12 questions parents ask before committing themselves

1. What are the prices for each session with the Doctor at the Mediclinic City Hospital?

  • The price of a consultation is AED. 587
  • This may entail a structured interview and a set of diagnostic tests may be recommended if necessary which will cost extra
  • This session is 20 minutes long
  • For developmental assessments, please take a double continuous booking to make it 40 minutes
  • Developmental diagnosis involves a formal interview with you, the parents, and observation of your child by playing with and asking questions of him or her
  • Developmental treatment will take multiple sessions depending on your child’s needs.

To receive information to help your child send me a WhatsApp message on +971525608641

2. What are the appointment timings to meet Dr. Rajeshree Singhania?

Your child’s medical and developmental appointments for Dr.Singhania may be booked at the Mediclinic City Hospital, Dubai Health Care City, at their Appointment Desk +971 4 435 9999:

  • On Saturdays between 09:00 am to 4:00 pm
  • On Sundays to Wednesdays between 08:30 am to 12:00 pm

Please click on the Book Appointment tab above or below

Dr.Singhania will not be available on Thursdays, Fridays and UAE government-private sector holidays. However, if you leave a message you will receive a call back at the earliest opportunity. Or send us a WhatsApp at +971 52 5608641.

3. Please avoid being late:

  • If a patient is late for a session, only the remaining time of the session will be given so that the following patient doesn’t have to wait
  • Reach the DHCC 15 minutes before your appointment to enable you to find an appropriate parking spot
  • If you are a new patient, be in the clinic 20 minutes before your appointment to complete your patient information so it doesn’t eat into your session

To receive information to help your child send me a WhatsApp message on +971525608641

4. What degrees and qualifications does the Doctor have?

  • 2016 Autism Diagnostic Observation Scale [ADOS] Certification, UK
  • 2015 Medical Academy of Pediatrics Special Needs [MAPS] Fellowship Program, USA
  • 2012 Training for DAN! Level II, USA
  • 2009 Training for DAN! Level I, USA
  • 2007 Ph.D. [Psychology] in Counseling & Psychotherapy Calamus International University, London, UK
  • 2004 MEd [Autism], University of Birmingham, UK
  • 1995 Ph.D. in Neurodevelopmental Paediatrics, University of London, UK
  • 1980 M.D Pediatrics, Gold Medal, University of Bombay, India
  • Diploma in Child Health, Gold Medal, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Bombay
  • 1977 MBBS, University of Bombay, India

Organizations such as The Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs [MAPS] and The British Psychological Society [BPS] are regular resources.

Dr. Singhania is also attached to the Mediclinic City Hospital, Dubai Healthcare City, and am a member of the International Social Services.

Continuous training is something you can count on.

Her being attached to the Mediclinic City Hospital also provides you with access to hospital facilities for better care.

5. What are the languages spoken by the Doctor & Staff?

Obviously, you are more interested in expertise and the languages are spoken to make communication easier, rather than race or nationality.

Dr. Singhania’s expertise comes from 38 years of experience and 5 degrees from universities in India, UK, and training in the USA.

English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, and Tagalog are fluently spoken in the Singhania Clinic. A little bit of Arabic is also understood.

In Mediclinic City Hospital, they have an Arabic Translator.

To receive information to help your child send me a WhatsApp message on +971525608641

6. How many sessions will I need to take?

There is no easy answer to this question, but each session is AED. 587. Depending on the treatment you are recommended a certain number of additional sessions may be required.

7. What types of treatments for developmental issues are there?

There are many different types of treatments depending on the developmental issues that have been diagnosed for your child.

Some of the treatments are Theraplay in Autism, Social Skills training, Parent Effectiveness Training with each treatment and Beat Dyslexia training.

It is important that parents also participate in the treatment as they make the most impact on their child on a day to day basis. Treatment sessions should be undertaken at least once a week.

To receive information to help your child send me a WhatsApp message on +971525608641

8. Does Dr. Rajeshree Singhania prescribe medication for developmental cases?

Yes, medication is prescribed when needed.

Medication is always a tricky subject. Some parents have strong opinions for and against it.

Since many medicines prescribed in developmental cases are monitored as controlled drugs by the Ministry of Health [MOH] and Dubai Health Authority [DHA], certain issues are clarified below:

  • Medication is prescribed only when needed. Many developmental issues have multiple diagnoses which require ‘controlled drugs’
  • Controlled drugs necessitate special prescription pads which are issued by the MOH and cost time and money. Meticulous records also need to be kept
  • Prescriptions for controlled drugs must be repeated every month as per MOH regulations
  • Blood tests should be done annually to make sure the child is progressing well. Stimulant medicines require regular height, weight & blood pressure checkups
  • Passport/Emirates ID copies must be given when prescriptions are needed
  • Medication is closely monitored to prevent side effects

To receive information to help your child send me a WhatsApp message on +971525608641

9. Where is the Hospital located?

The Mediclinic City Hospital is in Building 37, Dubai Healthcare City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

It’s Google Maps link is https://goo.gl/maps/k6hEe9LXSG52 (change the map)

You will be able to find parking easily in the basement at AED. 10 per hour. However, the front desk will validate your ticket. In addition, you can find valet parking for a flat fee of AED 20.

It’s better to reach Building 37, Mediclinic City Hospital at least 20 min before your appointment to enable you to find a comfortable parking spot.

To receive information to help your child send me a WhatsApp message on +971525608641

10. How long has Dr. Rajeshree Singhania been in Dubai?

The first patient was treated in November 1995 at the Singhania Children’s Clinic in Jumeirah.

Those were trying times. Ownership rules were in flux and changed every few months. Team members included speech therapists, therapists, and even pediatricians.

The concept of neuro-developmental issues was not recognized by the licensing authorities. Some of the specialist degrees are still not acknowledged 🙂

After the various Gulf Wars, the clinic was moved to Karama to cut cost, and then to the Dubai Health Care City in 2006.

So far more than 8,000 patients from more than 60 nationalities have been treated by the Singhania Clinic. And detailed, 20+ page reports have been given to all those with developmental issues.

These reports are thorough and comprehensive and have been used by other professionals around the world for on-going treatment.

To receive information to help your child send me a WhatsApp message on +971525608641

11. What tests are used in the Clinic during assessments?

It is important to diagnose and treat children with neurodevelopmental disorders as early as possible so that their quality of life doesn’t suffer greatly. And they have an opportunity to realize their potential.

Various tests are used to reach a comprehensive diagnosis. Most primary disorders are accompanied by other secondary or tertiary issues as well and must be treated.

Over the years, tests have been developed by various experts around the world. But because these are culture and language specific, to adapt them to multicultural patients in Dubai requires experience and an intuitive talent.

The British Psychological Association has certified Dr. Rajeshree Singhania on the use of these tests in different cultures. She has also created the Indian Picture Puzzle test that has been accepted internationally.

More than 30 tests are used for developmental diagnosis. Your child will be tested using the ones that are required. Some of the tests used are below. 

  • BecksYouth
  • WISC – IV
  • CBCL
  • CELF Language
  • WIPPSI – R
  • Autistic Continuum
  • Reynell Language
  • Sally Anne
  • Brown ADD Scale
  • Vineland Social Scale
  • Nisonger

All tests are priced separately and are chosen based on the presenting issues of your child. They are used as an adjunct to interviews, observation, and experience.

No developmental disorder is black and white and its diagnosis is based on clinical expertise. At times, translators are used for tests so that children can understand the requirements easily.

12. Does Mediclinic City Hospital take insurance?

Mediclinic City Hospital has direct billing with more than 50 of health insurance companies which are the most popular with patients.

Terms and conditions might apply for certain policies. Call the Mediclinic Insurance Department +971 4 213 7622 or +971 4 213 7623.

To receive information to help your child send me a WhatsApp message on +971525608641

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Dr. Singhania has fostered a reputation as an excellent diagnostician over the years with a kind and thorough approach to medicine and developmental science. She has five professional degrees, and is continuously educating herself based on the questions she has been asked in her 35 years of experience, 20 of those in Dubai.

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