Specialist Pediatrician: Consultation Prices

Specialist Pediatrician | Consultation Prices For Common Ailments Your Child May Need To Be Treated For

Specialist pediatrician: For your child’s consultation, common ailments and diagnosis pricing. Developmental area sessions are different

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Specialist pediatrician: To receive information to help your child send me a WhatsApp message on +971525608641

The consultation prices charged in Singhania Clinic are reasonable, standard and known beforehand. All the consultation is directly with the specialist pediatrician who is a diagnostic expert in child health issues. Prices can be confirmed by calling the clinic reception desk for an appointment.  Some of the prices are:

Consultation :

Initial Consultation AED 200 15 minutes
Full Consultation + Structured Interview AED 750 45 minutes


Medical :

Medical Prices
General Medical AED 500 + 15 minutes


Report and diagnosis prices:

Report and Diagnosis Prices
Report and Diagnosis Session


AED 600 1 Session

You will receive a comprehensive report and an explanation from the Doctor summarizing the diagnosis and your next steps.

For more information on the Reports and Diagnoses which Dr. Singhania makes please click here

Specialist Pediatrician | https://www.singhaniaclinic.com/specialist-pediatrician/ Consultation Prices For Common Ailments Your Child May Need To Be Treated For

Singhania Clinic Nursing Assistant

Specialist pediatrician: To receive information to help your child send me a WhatsApp message on +971525608641

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