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Based on a combination of tests chosen by Dr. Singhania, which are needed for a comprehensive unbiased assessment of your child.

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Appropriate package will be chosen depending on the assessment. You may choose to pay session by session or may pay upfront & save 10% of the cost.

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What Is A Pediatrician? What Should You Be Looking For In Your Child's Doctor?

Pediatrics is a branch of medicine that specializes in anything and everything to do with children.

What are pediatricians?

What do pediatricians do?

What kind of a pediatrician should you select?

Pediatrician For Your Child's Developmental & Medical Needs

Pediatrician | Meet The Doctor Who Will Never Give Up On Your Child

What is it, symptoms, causes, diagnosis, effects on your child and prevalence.

What is it, its causes, prevalence, treatments, medication and lifestyle initiatives

Learn the causes of asthma and how to prevent, treat and manage asthma with and without medication.

Learn the causes, home remedies and when to seek medical help for your child.

Is a condition where the body reacts adversely to apparently innocuous substances. The systems commonly involved and respiratory, gastrointestinal and skin apart from others.

Normal, harmful, positive, tolerable and toxic stress. Causes, effects on the brain, and biology of stress.

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