Therapies available at SCTC

  • Therapies are eclectic- using a variety of approaches including ABA, Theraplay, Symbolic Play
  • Parents are involved intensely 
  • All therapies are structured BUT CHILD CENTERED
  • Collaboration and visits to schools and homes
  • Individualized therapies

The comfort of your child comes first, we use theraplay and pairing techniques to bond with your child and make learning as fun as possible.

Therapies for Autism

Autism is rapidly increasing worldwide and an eclectic approach is needed. Our Team uses various therapies to support children with autism that can be done at the clinic, home or school.

  • Autism therapy
  • ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis)
  • Theraplay – relationship based therapy
  • PECS – Picture exchange communication
  • Language training – verbal behaviour / ABA
  • Teaching  Theory of mind and Conversational skills
  • Teaching social skills
  • Medication for ADHD/Autism/other comorbidities
  • Parent Training in ABA / RBT/Parent Effectiveness Therapy for ADHD and other behavioural problems.

Therapies for ADHD and Education & Emotional difficulties
ADHD has multiple comorbidities like emotional and learning problems. We cover a range of therapies to address these.

  • Social and coping skills training for children and teens
  • Parent effectiveness training
    • Disruptive behaviour
    • Defiant teens
    • Autism
  • Listening skills – to improve ability to focus
  • Study skills – to teach organization, memory, reading comprehension
  • Language training
  • Beat Dyslexia
  • Written Expression – treatment for dysgraphia
  • Play therapy for emotional problems
What sets Singhania Clinic and Therapy Center apart from other clinics is our unwavering commitment to helping each and every child reach their full potential. We believe that every child has the ability to learn, grow, and succeed, and we don’t give up on your child. Our team of professionals works tirelessly to provide the best possible care, and we are dedicated to helping families find the support and resources they need to succeed.

Our Pricing

The more sessions you buy, the cheaper it is!

(400 AED Pay Per Session/45mins)


10 Sessions

AED 3,500/Per session 350


20 Sessions

AED 6,000/Per session 300


40 Sessions

AED 10,800/Per session 270

Attention Deficit Disorder Therapy – 580 

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