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Developmental Delays

Developmental Delay In Children | Do You Need To Be Concerned About Your Child? Developmental delay in children: Child not motivated, over-emotional, not communicating? Not developing like they should? Developmental delay in children: Are you worried about your child? Find out why they are doing any of the following: Please invest 2 minutes of your […]

5 Step Process

Child Development Disorders And How To Help Your Child Manage Them Child development disorders: 5 step process to diagnosing what is wrong with your child & treating him or her Child development disorders: In Singhania Clinic we have a 5 step process to help your child become healthier and happier. Please invest 2 minutes of […]

Pediatric Clinic History

Pediatric Clinic | Helping Your Child With Developmental & Medical Treatment Since 1995 Pediatric clinic: Diagnosis & treatment for children’s medical & developmental issues since 1995. ADHD, Autism, Aspergers, language Pediatric clinic: Please invest 5 minutes of your time to watch the video below. It tells you how it all started, our accomplishments and future […]

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