Rose Tier

Up to 20 sessions per month are included in the Rose Tier. Each session lasts the same amount of time as the previous tiers, which is 45 minutes. To allow for growth and development, sessions are adjusted and optimized for your child’s individual needs. You will receive detailed session notes that highlight what was accomplished during the session, as well as homework and data. To help with the learning process, there is some general learning material offered. This means that the materials are designed to make learning and teaching simple and enjoyable.

A detailed information pack with the details of the diagnosis is included, just like the other tiers. This gives a quick overview of how and what kind of therapy is used. In a nutshell, you’ll always have everything you need. This will help you comprehend the treatment and grasp all of the processes involved.

You will also have unrestricted access to our professional team, who will be by your side with helpful ideas and assistance at all times. All of this will be customized to assist you with any queries you may have as well as to respond to any immediate or urgent requirements that may arise. You can contact them at any time using the WhatsApp group conversation.

Based on the diagnosis, complete medication guidance will be offered, maybe in conjunction with therapy. Following receipt of your report, you will assist your child in achieving improved health. Parenting efficacy treatment, for example, teaches you how to aid your child in everyday life at home.

Just like the Turquoise Tier, you can get a 15% discount on services (medical appointments, mindfulness, and reassessment). Apart from this, the Rose Tier gives an advantage absent in all other tiers, which is School liaison. This service can be availed once every 3 months.

Here’s what you want to know about the Rose Tier:

-Up to 20 sessions per month

-Information Pack

-General Learning Materials

-Unlimited Carer Support

-Medication Guidance

-Session Notes

-15% Discount on services (medical appointment, mindfulness, reassessment)

– School liaison (limited to 1 every 3 months).

Price : 6000 AED per month 

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