Violet Tier

This tier comprises up to four sessions per month, where each session is 45 minutes long. Sessions are designed to suit your child’s specific needs and are optimized to enable growth and development. General learning material is included to give a boost to the learning process. This means that the materials will be used for made-easy and fun learning and teaching.

An extensive information pack bearing the details of the diagnosis is provided with this. This will give a brief idea about how and what kind of therapies will be carried out. In short, you will always be in touch with all the general information that you might need. Hence, you can have a better understanding of treatment, and it helps you to be aware of all the processes involved.

You will also have access to Carer support from our professional team who are ready to assist you with their valuable advice and suggestions. All this will be tailor-made to help you with any queries and also to tackle any urgent or immediate needs that may arise. 

Complete medication guidance will be provided depending upon the diagnosis and if required along with the therapies. After receiving your report, you will guide your child on their path to thrive. One important aspect is parenting training, which teaches you how to help your child in everyday life at home.

Here’s the summarized version for you to check:

-4 sessions a month

-General Learning Materials

-Carer support

-Medication Guidance (If required)

Price :  2,340 AED per month

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